Our work is bigger than us

Data projects that change brands, businesses, and society

Two people looking at cloud analytics data

CoreLogic moves its real estate analytics leadership to the Cloud

When CoreLogic needed a big data lift to the Cloud, it turned to Kaygen for help. Our talent developed a new customer and services data management platform, with complete data governance across the business.
Group of three business people looking at laptop

Experian is big data, and its partners rely on it

When Experian wanted to make its new product and services data more accessible to its partners, it used Kaygen’s expert data talent to build new Cloud-based applications to make it happen.
Scientist in lab looking at something carefully

Thermo Fisher uses data to deliver the right science to its customers

Kaygen talent used machine learning and analytics to provide more strategic insights to Thermo Fisher’s sales, marketing, support, and eCommerce teams so it could deliver more value to its customers.

Woman in automobile manufacturing plant looking at laptop

From design, to build, to finance, Kaygen brings Toyota’s data together

Toyota’s world-renowned reputation for quality extends to every aspect of the customer experience. Our data expert talent is helping drive an enterprise-wide data initiative from designing and building automobiles to innovations in blockchain technology to support warranties and customer service.

Two factory engineers working in smart factory

Kaygen helped Deloitte build a Smart Factory of the Future

Deloitte’s large defense client needed to build the SmartFactory of the Future, and we were right there with Full Stack Developers, machine learning experts, and testing professionals who built real-time insights into the entire lifecycle of building highly classified, secure defense systems.

Image of plane wing over clouds

With the FAA, it’s safety first, and our talent are right there

When the Federal Aviation Administration needed to improve its data quality and governance in its FAA Enterprise Service Center, serving over twenty federal agencies, it turned to Kaygen and our expert data talent to ensure safety, security, and efficiency.

Father and son wearing white t-shirts

Fruit of the Loom’s brand loyalty spans generations, and can’t afford to disappoint

Getting to market fast with the right new product introductions is critical for Fruit of the Loom and its loyal customers. That’s why it used Kaygen talent to improve data quality, enhance product visibility, and streamline processes.

Doctor discussing results with patient

ICU Medical needed its data to have the same urgency as its IV therapy products

Integrating customer and distributor data, and making it more accessible, enabled ICU Medical to deliver its products faster. Kaygen talent streamlined the integration, creating a data hub with the governance required to ensure quality.

Water supply engineer doing analysis at dam

Metropolitan Water District relied on Kaygen to protect our most precious natural resource

When the Metropolitan Water District wanted to improve the security of its water supply, it turned to Kaygen talent to create a new security architecture while optimizing data connectivity for better performance.

Woman reading a financial report

Charles Schwab processes trades worth billions, and the regulatory reporting to support it

Kaygen talent streamlined and improved data governance to ensure accurate and timely reporting to meet federal regulatory requirements.

Security person evaluating controls at manufacturing plant

To secure the trust of its people, Securitas worked with Kaygen

Securitas is a world leader in providing digital, physical, and personal security services. Kaygen data talent automated Securitas’ HR analytics to ensure the firm’s very best security experts were available to its customers.

Team of three business people working on laptops together

EY turned to Kaygen to automate its financial service client’s internal processes

Kaygen’s team of ERP, data, and machine language experts optimized budget planning, forecasting, and cost reduction processes.

Partnering with Gignow to advance one of the world’s largest wealth management and brokerage firms

Kaygen talent developed, streamlined and implemented the automation of client profiling, onboarding, and reporting to improve time-to-market.

Team of two working on laptop together

When Tapfin needed to hit its SLA for a large client, Kaygen delivered

We delivered a large group of talent for Tapfin for Java FullStack, data engineers, Oracle Cloud, Salesforce consultants, and client service professionals.